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http://www.borjaregueiro.es/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Laboratori-Borja-Regueiro.mp4 Redefining the way we look LABORATORI by NACAR Website Design UX/UI Design Entrepreneur Industrial Design A brand of 3D printed glasses is created. We have the glasses distributor, HP 3D printing technology and the design quality of the NACAR industrial design team. The glasses are made expressly for
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Emotional Autonomous Concept Car Industrial Design Virtual Reality UX/UI Design 3D Printing & Painting Manual and autonomous driving vehicle. Under the conditions of autonomous vehicles, a new design code is proposed. Within EACC you travel with virtual reality glasses and enjoy the endless possibilities offered by the new “autonomous
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https://www.borjaregueiro.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Borja-Regueiro-UXUI-Design-patent.mp4 Interaction with Eye tracking and gesture control CLIENT: SEAT TECHNOLOGY: Tobii Eyetracker 5 UX/UI Design Prototyping Motion Graphics Eye Tracking Depelopment This is the application of Eyetracking to the autonomous car of the future, where the gaze, gestures, voice and thought will be the control command of the
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Microfluids CLIENT: HP UX/UI Design Prototyping Industrial Design Helios is a machine that tests blood in less than 15 minutes. It tells you step by step how to do the test. A sample is needed, insert it into a cartridge and then insert the cartridge into the machine. The
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Interface of technical digital products for 2D and 3D printers  UX/UI Design Illustration Prototyping Design of interfaces for different products of the company. All of them printers, mostly 3D. Projects in constant dynamism and recurring collaboration. Interfaces, illustrations, ideation of new concepts to capture new forms of income for
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Envisioning future experiences through creative thinking. Client: Vueling APP Design UX/UI Design Prototype Commuting in the 21st century has been one of the biggest game changers for our everyday globalized lives, with low-cost flying as a key factor. We overgo security checks and passport controls just like hopping on
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Clear, timely and actionable information for both, patients and providers UX Research UX / UI Design Interaction Design Visual Design User Test Prototype This new molecular diagnostic platform will enable precision medicine testing to be run anywhere with maximal quality and efficiency. For patients and providers, this means access
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