Interface of technical digital products

for 2D and 3D printers 

Design of interfaces for different products of the company. All of them printers, mostly 3D. Projects in constant dynamism and recurring collaboration. Interfaces, illustrations, ideation of new concepts to capture new forms of income for the company. Collaboration with the Advance Design team and the HP 3D printer team

Rendering, animation & post-production

I have been the art director of this video. I have created the video from scratch. Starting with a story telling, definition of the cameras and the lighting design of the scene, rendering of the animations and post production.

«I have used Keyshot for renders and animations & after effects for post-production (editing, texts and effects)»

Illustrations for use guides

Multiple views of 3D printers are illustrated for the digital guides that are within the interface of the machines. Also, this same style is used for the printed manuals that come with HP products inside their boxes. Different styles are made according to the requirements of the project or use of the illustrations.


Icon design for the hp design system. Icons are designed from a very precise style guide to ensure that all icons meet the implementation requirements and at the same time the visual style defined by the HP brand