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Anna Karenina — director
based in Boston. I work with brands
to create their identities.

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  • Automotive
  • Motion Graphics
  • UX / UI
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototype


HMI UI Design Concept Design UI Design UX Designn Animation UX/UI Design and development of radio and kombis, for SEAT It is designed based

Reliqium The reinventionof the locket Industrial Design UX/UI Design Entrepreneur Photography Digital Marketing Reliqium is a Galician Startup that reinvents the Reliquary and aims


Clear, timely and actionable information for both, patients and providers UX Research UX / UI Design Interaction Design Visual Design User Test Prototype This


Envisioning future experiences through creative thinking. Client: Vueling APP Design UX/UI Design Prototype Commuting in the 21st century has been one of the biggest


Interface of technical digital products for 2D and 3D printers  UX/UI Design Illustration Prototyping Design of interfaces for different products of the company. All


Microfluids CLIENT: HP UX/UI Design Prototyping Industrial Design Helios is a machine that tests blood in less than 15 minutes. It tells you step

SEAT︱Iris Interaction with Eye tracking and gesture control CLIENT: SEAT TECHNOLOGY: Tobii Eyetracker 5 UX/UI Design Prototyping Motion Graphics Eye Tracking Depelopment This is


Emotional Autonomous Concept Car Industrial Design Virtual Reality UX/UI Design 3D Printing & Painting Manual and autonomous driving vehicle. Under the conditions of autonomous

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