Faster & Simpler

Banking Experience

Over the past year and a half, I have served as a Senior UX/UI and Lead in several areas of the banking app development project for ANB. During this time, I have been a key player in the team’s growth, expanding from 4 to 20 members. I have identified, addressed, and contributed to various needs across multiple areas of the project, including the creation of the design system, task management, and defining departmental strategies.

» Additionally, I have been responsible for the journeys and all flows and products related to credit cards, managing over 50 different flows and products «

To work effectively as a team, the first requirement is a design system that aligns with the needs of design, development, and business. Additionally, it must be scalable with a governance model that allows all teams to work in parallel and grow without limitations 

The Pure collection of Reliqium goes back to the origins of the brand: Minimalist, authentic, simple. "Simplicity is the key of the true elegance."

We have created a new format of digital jewelery to take with you everywhere. For you, to give to that special person. For your private moments, for your shared moments. To take with you what matters most to you. Everything fits in Reliqium.

Reliqium has created a new way of preserving what we live to be able to relive it whenever we want through our product, which, being a personal jewel, becomes the only key that opens the trunk of memories.

Since we have begun, design has been key in all our pieces: a meticulous, detailed and pure work results in an exquisiteness, a packaging and an unmatched visual richness that is perceived from the first contact with our jewel.