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Emotional Autonomous Concept Car Industrial Design Virtual Reality UX/UI Design 3D Printing & Painting Manual and autonomous driving vehicle. Under the conditions of autonomous vehicles, a new design code is proposed. Within EACC you travel with virtual reality glasses and enjoy the endless possibilities offered by the new “autonomous
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https://www.borjaregueiro.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Borja-Regueiro-UXUI-Design-patent.mp4 Interaction with Eye tracking and gesture control CLIENT: SEAT TECHNOLOGY: Tobii Eyetracker 5 UX/UI Design Prototyping Motion Graphics Eye Tracking Depelopment This is the application of Eyetracking to the autonomous car of the future, where the gaze, gestures, voice and thought will be the control command of the
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SEAT︱180º Simulator

_Design_UX_Simulator. CLIENT: SEAT UX/UI Design Motion Graphics Real Prototype It is a real-scale simulation. It is made up of a real-scale car and an enveloping screen that rotates 180º. Hence the name of the project. It has been developed in the SEAT Digital lab. I was responsible for the
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HMI UI Design Concept Design UI Design UX Designn Animation UX/UI Design and development of radio and kombis, for SEAT It is designed based on UX requirements. Developers are tracked during the production phase. Projects from phase zero to production phase. Kombi design, radio for production as well as
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